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Known as the “Data-Driven Story Teller”, Thomas is a Business Communication Pro, Career Progression Advisor and Street Philosopher
Image: Michael Douglas as Gordon Gecko in “Wall Street, Money Never Sleeps”, 2006

It is an old cliché that the world has shrunk. As a result, companies and individuals can operate and compete globally. These days, it’s a given, so no matter where you start as an entrepreneur, you can freely imagine that your business will succeed across borders in the long run. It’s a small world now, say the “coaches” who dominate the online stage. So your dream can expand in all directions, as much as you want. …

He wouldn’t get down off the bloody tree branch, no matter what I tried, I Shouted out at him — probably not the best way of persuading a 5-year old. I screamed, but it was like screaming at myself for not being this alert, earlier on the spot.

Scratching and crawling like a mighty squirrel, he climbed and ascended, like it was his tree-house, the fairy tale he was so crazy about. No, the whole thing was getting beyond my control and definitely way beyond his limits. I circled him like predator manoeuvres around its prey, contemplating my next move…

Photo by Kate Trifo from Pexels

Confessions of a Covid- 19 Lockdown Recordman
Is it politically incorrect to still blame China?

You see, I’ve been locked up for a year and a half continuously. Eighteen months of uninterrupted, enforced isolation at home, with the label “this is for your own good” written all over. Although there were occasional breaks, I couldn’t use them. I had to move for work, so I was effectively trapped in between. it’s only a few days remaining until my 18-month bitter anniversary.

Extreme, isn’t it? It’s not something to be taken lightly. …

An Inauguration like no-other.

Well, well, well…
All of a sudden, triggered by President Biden’s inauguration, the Social Media get flooded with newbie pro-Americans, from all over the world, exuberantly celebrating the “resurrection of Democracy” (sic) in the States.
Even from countries that — still — call the US “America”, if you know what I mean:)
As if they have a clue.
As if they gave a sh*t a month ago.

Among them, the all polished, mainstream, EU-Leadership lineup, of deep “Soviet-ish” descend, looking to catch some glitter from the leftovers of the Ceremony.

Hypocrisy in all its glory and shine at the dawn…

Thomas A. Piperis

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